Kelly (verso) wrote,

Ignite Portland: The Talk!

I gave a talk on Tuesday at Ignite Portland and it was AWESOME! I had such a good time. Silicon Florist is rounding up coverage here.

I had SUCH a good time. Here's an odd sentence to everyone but me: I got to meet a lot of my friends for the first time. I got to talk about pepper for five minutes. It was a lot of fun after the fact, before and while I talked I was SO nervous, it was hard to stand in front of seven hundred and something people and talk about anything.

Here's the comment I left for Josh Bancroft, one of the organizers, on his post:

Josh, you are absolutely right! Once people started filing in I had to force myself to stay in volunteer mode so I wouldn’t lose it before my talk as people kept coming in, and coming in, and coming in…

So as I went around in volunteer mode, directing people to seats and making sure things were as they should be, at one point I had a moment of pause where I realized all these people came to the Bagdad and waited forever and hung out for an event that I helped with. And that was awesome. Then I completely came apart as my talk got closer and closer. (:

I know there’s been feedback on the crowd control and so on, but honestly I think we had a fantastic crowd. It could have been a LOT worse. I was in the lobby when someone said that no more people were allowed in the building, and since I was still in volunteer mode, that was a great feeling.

I am honored that The Legion let me show up and help out, not to mention let me talk about pepper in front of a crowd that was more than half the size of the town I grew up in. Whenever people ask about Ignite I always tell them the same thing: There was a conference in Seattle last summer and some Portland folks were there. They got to go to Ignite Seattle and thought it ruled, so they thought there should be a Portland one. And they made it happen.

You have every reason to be thrilled and proud and excited about Tuesday night. Enjoy it!

I was a mess because I had such a hard time with the number of people. I just got up and went for it and so far only Teh Scoot said I was noticeably nervous, so I guess I did an ok job of hiding it from most everyone else. I am always super critical so I can't even sit through the whole thing, but if you want to it's right here:

My slides, they are, how you say, below.*

*I can't get it to embed properly just yet, but you can see it here in case it doesn't sort itself out for me.

If you are local you really ought to get in on this. It is SO much fun. Just look at the list of talks and tell me there aren't at least 3 or 4 you would have liked. I had a blast and I am SUPER pumped for #3.
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